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Plate Heat Exchangers

Water oil coolers

Water oil coolers are used in many stationary hydraulic and lubricating systems to optimize the oil temperature. Water oil coolers are especially suitable in environments where water is easily accessible. The extremely quiet water oil cooler is ideal for indoor use where the cooling water cannot ice-up. The surplus energy from the heated cooling water can for instance be used to heat other water.

Off-line cooling and oil filter system

In all modern hydraulic systems, off-line oil cooling and filtering is becoming increasingly popular as the system can operate around the clock independently from the main system to avoid differences in pressure and flow conditions.

We supply both brazed plate and bolted plate heat exchangers. The main difference between these two propducts is that the bolted plate products have gaskets which enables you to change the plates easily.

Water Oil Cooler Products

Flow Path Diagram

The blue arrows represent the flow of water/coolant. The red arrows represent the flow of oil/system fluids through the cooler.