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250th Anniversary


From a simple beginning in 1758 Fawcett Christie in 2008 is a member of the global Olaer Group of companies providing solutions incorporating accumulators and coolers to industries worldwide.

Fawcett Christie set the standard for hydraulic components used within the global oil & gas industry.
1958- The last 50 years saw the start of two World Wars. To help the war effort Fawcett's converted to war production producing engines, shells and high explosives.

In 1935 Fawcett's moved from Liverpool to Bromborough.

Hydraulic Pumps were exported to customers in India, Pakistan, South Africa and the Argentine.

Between 1863 and 1905 more than 100 bailing presses were shipped to Bombay, Madras, Karachi and Calcutta.

In 1863 the first shot from Fort Sumter on the day the American Civil War broke out was reputed to have been fired by a Fawcett gun.

By 1858 Fawcett's had provided engines for the Conde de Palmella, the first steamer built in the UK for a foreign order

The Phoenix foundry suffered from a terrible fire in 1843 which destroyed much of the building however Fawcett's replaced the works using contemporary architecture and resumed works within one year.

William Fawcett joined the management team in 1784 and in 1793 was asked to produce guns to aid Wellington in the war against France.

Founded in 1758 by Abraham Darby in Liverpool, Fawcett's was initially a depot for iron pots & kettles, demand was so high a foundry was added.